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Not Looking....Waiting For Love To Find Me. 

I was out looking because of my loneliness and found the wrong man. So, I decided not to look anymore. I’m remaining lost so I can be found. But in the mean time I have decided to embrace my singlehood and enjoy life. I plan on venturing outside of my comfort zone by enjoying different events around my hometown. I will be blogging about the various events that I will be attending and I hope you will follow me on my personal journey of self discovery.

Even though I’m not looking for love I have created the blog for those who are. You will find tips on being single and how to love yourself as a single person. I’m a firm believer that you have to love yourself first in order to receive love. Feel free to leave your comments after a post but I do ask that you keep it clean. I want everyone to enjoy coming to this site and have fun with it.

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Do's and Don'ts of Dating

Spring is here and summer is slowly approaching. It’s time to prepare for those summer dates.

Going on the first date can be awkward hopefully there’s a second date to follow which at this time two people will really get to know each other. There are many chances of making a mistake. To ensure that your date is a success here are a list do’s and don’ts.


1. Make sure you look your best and be on time. This will show that you care about being on   time and your appearance.
2. Be sure to compliment your date if he or she looks good.
3. Be proactive – Mr. or Mrs. Right isn’t coming to your door. So, take action in meeting that right person.
4. Do maintain a positive attitude not all dates will end well.
5. Do show that your interested by share information and asking questions.


1. Don’t use your cell phone in front of your date. Excuse yourself and go to the bathroom if you need to make a call or text.
2. Don’t ignore your personal safety. Please inform your friends or family of where you’re going with. Give them the person name, cell phone and where or how you met them.
3. Don’t have sex on your first date. Especially if you’re trying to establish a relationship with that person, sex on the first date may ruin your chances.
4. Don’t be too available.
5. Don’t look at other people while you on a date. This is just rude.

Why Are Men Afraid of Being Committed to One Woman?

There are many women out there who want to get married but find it difficult to find a man who wants to  commit. Just recently a friend of mine was talking to guy that she’s interested in and found out that he doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship. She really thought he would be the one looking for a commitment. She was a little disappointed to hear this from him. The reason he couldn’t enter into a relationship was because of his job. Men want to go to bed with you but they don’t want to commit. I just don’t understand it. Back when my parents were dating they would date for about six months or so and then they would get married. Life was so much different. Now women who want to get married are having such a hard time now in finding love. Should women short change themselves and continue to date these guys who don’t want a commitment? If you want a commitment from a guy don’t short change yourself. Stay positive and get what you really want. Not all men are looking for a good time. I truly believe there are men out there who want to settle down and be committed to just one woman.

Here is a list of reasons why men are not ready to commit:

1. Is She Worthy of Commitment? – She looks good but misses some key qualities.
2. Pressured By Her – She wants to get married so she put increase pressure on the relationship.
3. Unable to Trust Women – Scared to put their heart on the line.
4. Not Ready For It – They can wait for that perfect woman.
5. Emotional Baggage – Her true personality comes out after marriage.
6. Divorce – Terrified to commit a second time.
7. Freedom Lost – Feel trapped.
8. One Sex Partner – Cut off from sexual variety.

Do You Know What You Want In A Mate? Have You Thought About Creating A List?

Creating such a list will allow you to see the qualities a person must have and the qualities you can live without. The list will allow you to be a better mate shopper. Here are some key items that you may what to put on your list:

• The person has to be neat
• Funny
• Non-smoker
• They can drink but not a heave drinker
• Workout
• Financial Stable
• God Fearing
• Interested in having kids
• Sports
• Marriage
• Has goals
• Educated – (high school, college)
• Friendly

These are a few items to help you start your list. You can break them down into categories such as (family life, money, education, etc). You can review your list as often as you like and make changes. Don't past someone up if they don’t have ever quality that you’re looking for. Give them a chance they maybe your soul mate. I created a list two years ago and I haven’t looked at it since. I have met one guy who has most of what I want and need. We have been friends for sometime now. I'm hoping our friendship will turn into love. I’m a true believer if you write down what you want it will come to you. Good Luck with your list.

Tips For Finding Love In The New Year

Some of us may have found love in 2010 and others are still searching for love. For those who are still looking here are some tips to help you find love in 2011:

1. Be positive – know that love is coming your way. Create affirmation to help you to keep love in the  atmosphere. Ex: Love is coming my way or I have the love of my life.
2. Get out there – be active and join a gym, go to cultural events, coffee shops and bookstores.
3. Get a makeover.
4. Be confident in who you are.
5. Get to know yourself and make sure your ready to get into a long term relationship. Remove any baggage.
6. Make a decision to find your soul mate.
7. Be aware of your body language and attitude. Be approachable.
8. Always try to look good even if you’re just running to the grocery store.